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 Clark Sanderson

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Clark Sanderson

Clark Sanderson

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PostSubject: Clark Sanderson   Clark Sanderson Icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 9:51 pm

Full Name: Clark Ivanovich Sanderson
Gender: Male
Age: 18
District: 5
Position: Nothing in particular; Possible Tribute.

Personality: Clark is an extremely depressive boy, he hates living in the world given it's current state, and frequently does stupid things in an attempt to get into trouble. He hardly talks unless he has to, and has a tendency to be spiteful to capitol citizens. He will openly mock Peacekeepers during their rounds and has been known to throw rocks at them. He has been flogged, beaten, starved, and locked away, but continues the same actions despite the reprecussions. He is extremely rebellious.

Abilities: Clark has a remarkable talent differenciating between plants, despite his upbringing in District 5. He found more interest in books, than in generating power. He knows the difference from any plant on sight. He's also decent at climbing, he spent quite a bit of time scaling power poles, both wooden, and steel ones, as well as climbing any tree he could get his hands on. He's not a bad throw with rocks, and can break someone's fingers at 30yds with realtive ease. He can also do a pretty good job hiding, given the difficulty he had in his early years.

::Appearance:: Clark has dark hair, and a semi-muscular frame. His skin is pale, and his eyes are emotionless.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155lbs
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Blackish Brown

Clark wears glasses, and has since he was young. He enjoys them mostly due to the fact that he looks as sophisticated as he really is. He hardly ever smiles, and typically avoids conversation with most people, who would want to talk to him? He dresses ahead of his age, usually in semi-formal attire. He'll say that, even if a Peacekeeper sprung at him, he'd die, get tributed, or be beaten in nice clothes. He never really cared for friends, he is, by most definitions, a hermit among normal people. He actually hopes to be picked for the games, he works at it, getting as many additional rations as he can, casting his name into the ritualistic tribute bowl as many times as possible. He wants to win a game, and then he wants to make as many Capitol citizen's lives a living hell as possible, it is his life goal.

History: Clark grew up without real parents, and be real parents, he means parents that cared. He would spend days, scavenging, stealing, and scraping together money to feed himself. He, naturally, learned to be smart, and is good at sneaking around. He eventually found a place for work, rewiring this, working on that, stripping that wire, and so on. He enjoyed it at first, but it grew old quickly. He eventually quit, and began depositing his name hundreds of times over into the bowl, that bowl that held such a massive weight. One drawn piece of paper, one name, and it spelled almost certain death. Clark was an invisible man, he didn't exist. No one knows his name, no one cared about him, at least, as far as he knew. He hardly cared, invisible though he was, he managed to get his worth in ration dollars, and survived rather well given the return of the god damned Games. He spends everyday waiting, waiting for the dreaded names, he finally decided he'd volunteer is he wasn't chosen, he'd willingly offer his body, mind, and soul to the Capitol dogs. And he planned to give them one helluva show.

Sample RP: Silence. Nothing. Everyone present held their breath, they were all thinking the same thing, the same damn thing, 'Don't let it be me, dear god, please don't let it be me.' He knew he wasn't thinking it, he stood there, smirking, and praying for his name, praying to be chosen, 'C'mon, give me a shot...I'll show you what District 5 is made of.' He smiled as they drew a small Fortune-Cookie fortune-sized piece of paper, and the name was read...
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PostSubject: Re: Clark Sanderson   Clark Sanderson Icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 1:50 pm

Approved. I've added you to the official list thing I posted. :3
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Clark Sanderson
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