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 Rules When in the Arena

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Rules When in the Arena Empty
PostSubject: Rules When in the Arena   Rules When in the Arena Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 1:17 pm

1. Read The Rules And Terms!

Okay, so I really don't want to have to go over the basic rules all over again. Go over the Rules and Terms, then come back here, k? Not following the five fundamental rules of the site can and will result in suspension and/or banning.

2. No OP'ing!
To OP means to Over Power. OP'ing means that your character does something they could not possibly do. For example, I am a tribute in the games, and someone has pinned me down and is now going to lope my head off. I'm magically not going to be able to fight them off, especially if they are bigger than me. Such is an example of OP.

3. No MG'ing!
To MG means to Meta Game. MG'ing means that your character knows something they could not possibly know. For example, if my character thinks something, yours cannot know that. If the arena is designed with something special, they cannot have knowledge of everything before even in the arena. Such is an example of MG.

4. No GM'ing!
To GM means to God Mod. GM'ing means that you control someone else's character without their consent. For example, if my character wants you to follow them and says "they followed me as I lead them away and we both made it to the lake before we jumped in". Such is an example of GM.

If you're inactive with posting for longer than 48 hours exactly, I will send a bunch of mutts after your tribute and they will die. You cannot come to me later whining about how you were sick or your dad choked on a meatball and was in the hospital. 48 hours to post. It's not that hard, suck it up.

These rules are here for a reason. Respect others and myself by following them. Your life will be less stressful this way.

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Rules When in the Arena
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