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 Kozue Tenoko Sowa

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PostSubject: Kozue Tenoko Sowa   Kozue Tenoko Sowa Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 8:37 pm

Full Name: Kozue Tenoko Sowa (often goes by Tenoko)
Gender: Female
Age: 21
District: 11
Position: Victor; Mentor

Personality: Kozue is a master of wit and sarcasm, with a joke to crack at any given moment. She is extremely smart and amazing and... [okay sorry. I'll be serious now]
Kozue tends to have a witty sense of humor, a quick tongue, and a comeback for everything. She is a bit cocky, but usually has the skills to back it up, and will never turn down a challenge or back down from an argument. She is quick-thinking and resourceful, and generally pretty laid-back. she is very difficult to insult, and deep down, has a soft spot for little kids.

Abilities: Kozue is a brilliant mind who will figure out some way to use just about anything that is thrown her way. she is not very athletic, but she's got relatively keen hand-eye coordination and is a good aim. her lack of athletic skills was only counterbalanced by the fact that she was used to eating scant, despite the relative plenty in her district, and that she knew survival skills from the wilderness as opposed to sticking to the urban places. this came in handy later on in her life.

::Appearance:: See picture.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 116
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Light Brown

Description: Kozue is rather small and skinny; a bit unkempt, and usually hates wearing shoes. She's never exactly stylish, and often times not exactly hygienic. but, she's not necessarily ugly either, what with her small frame, wavy brown hair, and goofy but cheery smile. she usually wears glasses, but wore contacts in the arena, and got her eyes corrected after she won her games. she usually wears baggy, somewhat ratty jeans, a loose, equally big T-shirt, and flip-flops when she has to wear shoes, but there are exceptions to every rule.

History: (NOTE: the following is mostly based off of a real dream I had a few weeks ago.)
Kozue's life was utterly meaningless and insignificant until she was 16, when she got reaped for the 89th Annual Hunger Games. a chariot ride, an interview, and a few days of training later, and Kozue found herself thrown into an arena, armed with nothing but the blue tracksuit, socks and sneakers the Gamemakers had armed them with.
However, that did not stop her. glancing at the 11 emblazoned on each shoulder, she decided something then and there. she was going to win this thing.

three days later, she was not so sure. 15 of the tributes were dead, and while she was still among the living, the Career Alliance had picked up momentum, with 4 members, and she was still by herself. deciding that there was nothing to do here, she ran screaming through the jungle until she came across a beach, where she promptly fell into the water. after resurfacing, she realized that she was standing next to a jetski. she jumped on it and sped off into the ocean blue.
soon, however, the careers were right after her; and it was a 4-on-1 chase. it was at this point that Kozue was reminded that there were still 9 folks left: both kids from 1, both kids from 2, the girl from 5, the boy from 7, and boy from 8, and both kids from 11. of those, the kids from 1 and 2 were the ones after her.

she felt a slight tinge of both relief and fear as she entered a minefield. they were 4 times likelier to hit a mine than she was. she was soon right, and the boy from District 1 went up in flames. however, it triggered several more mines, creating a massive tidal wave that knocked Kozue completely out with.
she woke up on a small little tropical island, and found that she was completely devoid of pants. somehow, her shirt, shoes and underwear had remained on and intact. she shrugged it off until she heard a voice next to her.
"nice legs."
she sprung up, before realizing that it was her district partner, a dude named Carlos. she laughed, and punched his shoulder. "where are my pants?" she asked.
he shrugged. "you washed up without 'em." he replied.
"Well... wanna be allies?"

District 11 kids were usually rather blunt about such things. Carlos agreed, and a friendship was born. a little exploration around the island did not turn up her pants, but did turn up her jetski, which still worked. they rode it back to shore and beelined for the cornucopia. the two of them were surprised to still find weapons there. Carlos picked up a pistol, and Kozue grabbed a giant crossbow and a javelin. then they set off. they heard a cannon boom and saw that the boy from 7 had just died... probably the careers did him in.
she suddenly came across the boy from 8 as well, and quickly put a bolt through his head before he could respond. she didn't want anyone taking their stuff at this point.
"welp... 6 more to go..." she chuckled.

Later on as they were hunting tributes, Carlos let off some gunshots, which attracted the girl from 1. Kozue had always hated that B. upon seeing her charge, launching rocks at us at high velocities, Kozue wasted no time in loading the javelin into the crossbow and letting it fly. it found its mark right in the girl's neck, dropping her. she twirled her crossbow and smirked at her partner.
"I don't even need pants to kick butt." she grinned. it brought her kill count up to 4--5 if you counted the District 1 boy's landmine death as Kozue's, since he had been chasing after her when he died.
anyways, they were both in the final 5, and had to hunt down the Career kids from 2, as well as the girl from District 5.

the scene they stumbled on was awe-inspiring. the District 5 girl, a huge, athletic girl decked out in karate gi armed with nunchucks, flamethrowers and ray guns. the two kids from '2 had machine pistols and were unloading rounds at this girl. by this time, it had started raining, and lightning had struck.
things seemed to go into slow motion as the girl from '5 began launching flames as retaliation. the kids from '2 dodged most of the shots, but were getting pushed back by '5. she was too powerful, and too skilled at catching the bullets with her teeth. after a while, she seemed to lose patience, for she pulled out her ray gun and blasted the girl from District 2 with a powerful electrocuting ray, killing her on the spot.
this did not sit well with her partner, and so he jumped at her, shooting her square in the neck and dropping her in one fell stroke of revenge. afterwards, he noticed Carlos and Kozue in the bushes, and after a brief moment when he stared at Kozue and wondered why she didn't have any pants on, he began shooting. Luckily for her, Carlos began shooting back, and the two had an epic gun duel. somewhere in the middle of it all, Kozue felt herself getting shot, and landed on her back sprawled out and bleeding, unable to move. she had no choice but to watch the gunfight, which she did. she was therefore horrified when her partner was fatally shot.

suddenly, she decided that there was no way this jerk could live for killing her district partner/boyfriend. she sprung up, grabbed her partner's pistol, and with one fell swoop, shot the guy, effectively ending his life. she stood there, soaking wet in the rain, fuming steam from her mouth because of the cold, and was standing there covered in blood and without any pants on, when she heard the announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... the Victor... of the 89th Annual Hunger Games... Kozue Tenoko Sowa!"
ever since then, she gained massive respect both in The Capitol and from her fellow members of District 11. all was well in the world.

Sample RP: Zul. Cool
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