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Victoria Ray SaR7N

Full Name:
Victoria Ray





Victoria is extremely talkative and completely sweet. She comes across as a pleasant girl, not quite mature enough to be considered twenty-two. She's also pretty fearless, which causes her to not be as careful with her words as she should be. She is overdramatic and eccentric, and many have said she is both beautiful and unpredictable.

Even with her cheerful ways, she sometimes displays deeper emotion than just the childish fun she usually portrays. She also has sorrow and envy mixed into her complex mind, though most would think her to be, quite literally, an airhead. Actually, she is extremely bright and often tries to further her knowledge in any way that she can.

She is very compassionate, although she loves the Games; she does not realize that the children fighting to death on the television are actually dying. If she knew what was really happening, she would likely end up in an insane asylum due to grief driving her mad.

Her heart is pure and she is innocent almost to the point of childlike. She is extremely sweet, not sickeningly so, just in a way that you can't help but adore her.

For someone in the Capitol, she is oddly confident in her natural beauty. She of course doesn't always stick to it, to keep up with the times, but if she went out in public without makeup or a wig, she wouldn't feel naked like the usual Capitol citizen.

Victoria is quite the stylist. Her extensive studies and training have brought her to quite a high level, especially for one who is so young. She wants to eventually advance to a fashion designer in the Capitol, although she knows that her technique has yet to be perfected.

As well as studying her design techniques, she also studies art and philosophy, as well as chemistry. She doesn't quite know it yet, but she could be considered a chemist's prodigy--the creations she makes, such as nail polish that changes color with your mood, are things that even the Capitol's advanced society has yet to master.

Other than this, she is also very good at talking to people. While a social butterfly like most in the Capitol, she has a certain charisma about her that is soothing. Many of the tributes she styles come to the Capitol nervous and scared, and by the time they're leaving for the Games they feel confident and strong.

She has been a stylist for two years now; unlike most districts, she is the only stylist for '8 for the 94th Hunger Games, so she styles both the male and female tributes. Many stylists in her situation would ask for a partner, but she prefers working alone so that her creativity can just go and make its own way.




Eyes: [Natural Color]

Hair: [Natural Color]
Burgundy Red

Victoria is quite beautiful naturally, although she hardly notices it. Her hair is rather long, though like many in the Capitol, she wears wigs often--she refuses to dye it because her natural color is so hard to come by. Her eyes are a beautiful gray color, looking like the sky right after the first snowfall, and she always looks like she has tears in her eyes because they shine so much. She doesn't wear contacts like the other women in the Capitol because they're something she enjoys about herself. Her face is more squared shaped, with her cheekbones high and jutting and her jaw prominent; her chin comes down to a point and she has a widow's peak for her hair. Her nose is pointed and defined, proportioned perfectly for her face shape. Her bottom lip is full, her top less so, and both are usually done up in lipstick or gloss, preferably bright colors such as pink, blue, and orange.

Her body is of average height. If she was shorter or taller, she would not go through medical procedures to change that though. She is fairly thin, although this isn't because of anorexia nor bulimia, but her body has a naturally high metabolism and she is usually free to eat what she likes without having to worry. She is also fairly toned and goes to the gym every other day. Her skin tone is fair and completely flawless, thanks to the Capitol's fine facial products.

Everything else about her facial appearance is eccentric. Her eyelashes have been artificially lengthened and dyed a mixture of green, yellow, and blue and mascara and eyeliner is applied heavily. She usually chooses pinks and reds for eyeshadow, and likes to use little stickers around her eyes--preferably reddish-orange. Her blush is usually orange and applied lightly. She uses a daring red color or a bright pink for her lips. Her face is designed in cyan tattoos that extend along her forehead and down to the sides of her nose, stopping at her eyes. They go past her temples and down under her chin and wrap around her ears. They then extend down her neck to her shoulder blades.

Her nails are preferably kept short, usually just french tips in a color that matches her "personal choice" for that week. (Her "personal choice" is her favorite color). She generally wears her hair/wigs up, as her face shape is very prominent and is fairly pretty. It can be any color, anything you can think of, all depending on her outfit that day and her mood. She likes to wear clothes that display her back because of these tattoos; she can usually be seen in a silk halter-top and pressed gray business pants. Her shoes usually match her shirt; for a citizen of the Capitol, she is fairly underdone indeed.


Father: Trayton Ray; 71--alive; Victoria's father is a stern man who likes order and discipline; when he found out that Victoria wished to be a Stylist and eventually a fashion designer for all of Panem, he was very upset. Eventually, though, he learned to accept his daughter's choice. He's very supportive of her and has loosened up quite a bit in his old age. He's old, but as a citizen of the Capitol doesn't look as bad as he could; he's still got most of his hair, which is all an steel gray color and his gray eyes lack the shining quality Victoria has.

Mother: Chelsea Wheeler-Ray; 68--alive; Chelsea is a wonderful and carefree sort of woman. She is where Victoria learned her compassion and sweet ways, and also her creativity. Chelsea is defined as a sort of whimsical woman, who always seems to want to join the wind as it gently blows past. She has aged beautifully; her red hair is still that same firey color, although there are streaks of gray and white in the mixture. Her blue eyes are kind and always seem to be laughing.

Sister: Sylvia Ray-Chung; 35--alive; Victoria's older sister by 13 years. Sylvia was the perfect Capitol child; interested in fashion, boys, and her social life, she never paid much attention to her future. When she got older, she was lucky and married a rich man and now doesn't do anything but toddle around the house looking and feeling completely empty; her grief has hollowed her out. She has blonde hair, received from her father and her mother's blue eyes.

Brother-in-law: Josh Chung; 36--alive; Josh is Victoria's brother-in-law. He looks to be of Chinese decent, hence his last name, although he was born and raised in the Capitol, as were his parents. He is a hardened man and does not display emotion of any sort at any time. He has black hair and darker skin and is quite wealthy.

Niece: Madalynn "Maddie" Hall; 16--alive; Maddie is Victoria's niece (making her into an actual character). She is an Avox; she is fairly pretty with black hair and dark brown eyes, and wears the customary red and white makeup of an Avox. Her face is usually blank, although sometimes her eyes betray emotion. She cannot speak as her tongue has been cut out and she works on the District 8 floor. She believes this is done so that she can see Victoria every year and cannot say a single word to her--a mental and emotional torture. She has not been seen nor heard from by her parents since she was 12; both of her parents are consumed with grief, for she is not guilty of the crime the Capitol believes she committed.

Brother: Westley Ray; 14--alive; Westley was adopted by Chelsea and Trayton when he was eight years old. They are from the Capitol. He has dark brown hair and green eyes, with a smattering of freckles; his twin brother Will is his other half and both pray that they will never be selected for the Games. They cannot survive without one another.

Brother: William "Will" Ray; 14--alive; William was adopted by Chelsea and Trayton when he was eight years old with his brother Westley. They are from the Capitol. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with a smattering of freckles. His twin brother Westley is his other half and both pray that they will never be selected for the Games. They cannot survive without one another.

Sister: Daphne Ray; 12--alive; Daphne is also an adoptive child, but unlike Will and Westley, she comes from District 8 (making actual character for her). She was adopted when she was seven years old, a year after Will and Westley came to live with Chelsea and Trayton. She is fairly reclusive and reminds Victoria of herself quite a bit because of her down-to-earth ways and love for fashion. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Sister: Venus Ray; 4--alive; Venus is the fifth child in the Ray family, and was adopted when she was two, at the same time as Will and Westley. She comes from District 4, but since she's so little she doesn't really remember it although she gets extremely excited when they go down to the beach. She, Daphne, and Victoria are all very close and she is perhaps the sweetest four year old alive. She has blondish-brownish hair and bright green eyes.

Aunt: Tera Ray-Banks; 26--alive; Tera is Victoria's favorite person in the whole family, other than Venus. While a complete bada'ss 99.99999% of the time, Tera also has a sweet side and a soft spot for kids and Victoria. She's a sponsor for kids in the Games, which is how she feels she can aid the children forced to go through the traumatizing event. She usually sponsors the kid least likely to win the Games, to try and give them an advantage--while it's usually a lost cause, she has been able to save one or two a few times before. She is pregnant with her third child; she has reddish brown hair and gray eyes.

Uncle: Johnathan "Johnny" Banks; 30--alive; Johnny is Victoria's uncle, one of the richer men in the Capitol. He owns one of the biggest makeup companies in Panem and helps his wife Tera with the kids she sponsors by giving her helpful tips on what to send them. He was a Stylist for District 11 during through the 85th to 89th Games; he has blac-k hair and dark brown eyes.

Cousin: Clara Banks; 4--alive; Clara is Venus' best friend and the other little girl who has stolen Victoria's heart. She is Tera's daughter and looks exactly like her mother in every way; she's extremely sweet and loves to play with dolls and dress them up the way she sees the District 8 tributes dressed in the Games. She has reddish brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Cousin: Luke Banks; 2--alive; Luke is Tera's youngest child and doesn't quite speak yet although he loves to hug. He doesn't do much except make loud cooing noises when he sees someone he likes and has the cutest little laugh when Clara plays with him. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and extremely dark freckles for his young age.

Note that the appearances are different than the ones I gave. I'm talking naturally. I didn't want to make this too long by going into detail on what they wear and how they style themselves.

Victoria was born to two loving parents in the Capitol; she grew up a happy child, although kind of a wallflower because of her tendencies to stay away from the other children. Her sister Sylvia and she never got very close, partially because they were 13 years apart and partially because Sylvia doesn't really like Victoria.

In elementary school, she studied hard and earned good marks, although her true passion was fashion. Every year when she watched the Hunger Games with her parents, she was fascinated by the outfits the stylists had come up with and would scribble down the designs in a notepad and later modify them to be even more fabulous than before.

In junior high she began heading her career towards becoming a Stylist; the possibility of becoming a tribute for the Capitol did not cross her mind all too often. She of course knew that she could be chosen and she would have to win to become a designer, but somehow she simply knew that she just wouldn't be picked.

When she was fourteen years old, her brothers William and Westley were adopted; she's fairly close to them and will take them out for ice cream when her mother calls to let her know that they got high marks on a test or did good in sports. When she was younger she would play games with them outside and they wouldn't be seen for four to five hours at a time.

A month after the boys were taken in, Venus was brought into their lives. She is a precocious child, and it's as if everything she touches turns to gold. She's only four though, so we'll see how long it lasts.

When she was fifteen years old, her sister Daphne was adopted; she and Daphne attempt to get close to one another, but Daphne is fairly anti-social and Victoria hates feeling rejected in any way shape or form. Daphne does, although, love fashion and if you can get her talking then she'll go on and on about fashion and famous designers and Victoria.

She was bullied for a while in high school. She was much more down-to-earth than her classmates and would rather stay inside and draw designs than go out partying with them; she felt above their shallowness, although she herself is quite overdramatic. She graduated with honors and then spent two years at a prestigious college for designers and stylists, studying under some of the most amazing designers in all of Panem.

She earned her degree surprisingly quick and when she asked for a position to be a Stylist from President Jade, her wish was almost immediately granted after she showed her what she could do. She particularly requested District 8, in honor of Daphne's home. A year later and her District 8 partner left, leaving her to do the 94th Hunger Games on her own; she felt she was just too creative for him and that is why he chose to leave.

Since '8 is textiles, she can basically do anything she likes. She is not limited to using certain materials or a specific theme because with clothing, you can do anything.


Sample RP:
Victoria sat at her desk in her comfortable home, stitching together new outfits for Clara and Venus. As she worked, she began humming a small tune as a reporter announced that the 94th Hunger Games Reaping would occur in the next few days. As she worked, she felt herself go back in time, to the 93rd Games.

Dana and Louis sat in their respective seats, looking completely awkward and uncomfortable in the silken robes they were told to wear. Since Victoria was the only stylist for District 8, she had to consult them both as they sat together, or waste valuable time. So, here she was, wearing a giant smile and feeling as though her heart might burst. These kids were simply adorable!

Dana fidgeted; she was fifteen with long honey gold hair and the brightest blue eyes Victoria had ever seen. Louis wasn't even paying attention; he was spacing out, looking at the sky through a window. He was darkly colored, with olive toned skin and a bit of stubble along his jaw. Eighteen years old, and a volunteer. He definitely looked well suited for the title of Victor.

"So, what do you guys want to do? Ooh, Dana, I could make you a dress made out of little dresses that are made out of littler dresses and so on. And Louis, your suit could be the same! A jacket made out of little jackets and pants made out of little pants and a shirt made out of littler shirts....what do you guys think?" Victoria said excitedly, looking at the kids with bright eyes.

Dana stared at Victoria with fear-filled eyes. She obviously did not want to be there, and Louis certainly wasn't helping with how nervous she felt. When he wasn't looking out the window, he was looking at her like she was the first thing to kill in the arena.

Victoria calmed herself down and patted Dana's hand. "Come now, there's nothing to fear here. Just tell me what you like to wear, it's as simple as that. All you need to do right now is worry about what you're going to wear." Victoria said calmly, speaking in hushed tones as she patted Dana's hand soothingly. Dana looked back at her and nodded, giving her a half-smile, one side of her mouth twitching upward. The expression meant that while Dana was scared, she trusted Victoria.

Victoria smiled back, before going to grab her giant sketchbook and sitting down comfortably again. She adjusted her powdery orange wig carefully before sitting again and she and Dana put their heads together to come up with something. Eventually they went with the dress made of dresses idea, although Dana added her own twist. The smallest dresses on the outfit would be made purely out of sequins, and no two sequins would be the same color. The effect was rather magnificent.

Louis had agreed to wear what Victoria designed for him, with a small request that the sequins be left out of his outfit. Victoria complied immediately, and hugged them both before they left to go to a training gym or something or other. She settled down to get to stitching immediately--while some stylists designed their outfits and then had them made by Capitol seamstresses, she preferred to do each and every stitch by hand. That way she knew no mistakes would come up, and if one did, she had no one to blame but herself.

Dana probably could've won the Games that year. She made it to the final eight tributes. Louis was far too bloodthirsty and was killed within the first four days as he continually kept attacking people and not taking care of his own wounds. Dana had attempted to avoid most people and was smart about how she went about things so that she wasn't a target of the Gamemakers nor noticeable by the tributes. She teamed up with another girl in the last five days and was killed in her sleep.

Victoria smiled as she worked, humming quietly as she continued to reminisce.
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Victoria Ray
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