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 Disturbing the Peace, and Evading Arrest.

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Clark Sanderson

Clark Sanderson

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Disturbing the Peace, and Evading Arrest. Empty
PostSubject: Disturbing the Peace, and Evading Arrest.   Disturbing the Peace, and Evading Arrest. Icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 2:00 pm

Clark sat atop the Justice Building, already an action considered to be extremely close to getting in trouble. Then, on top of that, he had a handful of rocks, and, lastly, he was pelting Peacekeepers from his perch. He laughed as the stones flew toward their targets, and bounced to a skittering halt after producing a welt the size of a small egg. He aimed for their hands, attempting to break their fingers. They howled, yelled, and threatened him, but not one of them could do a thing about it, they weren't exactly good at climbing, and none were willing to risk a fall from any great height.

He eventually got bored, flinging the last few stones at the window of the Justice Building, shattering them before falling onto his back lazily. He sighed as boredom knawed at his sanity, there was nothing worth doing around here.

"What the f***?!"

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Disturbing the Peace, and Evading Arrest.
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