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 Madalynn Chung

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Madalynn Chung SyS7n

Full Name:
Madalynn Sun Chung



Eight; Capitol


Madalynn is a sad girl. Actually, sad does not begin to cover it. She is depressed, grieving, oppressed, and controlled. She is obedient and can not speak; her tongue has been cut out. Her expression is blank, as the Capitol commands, but her eyes display the sorrow she harbors in her very soul.

She is rarely seen smiling; the only time she usually does smile is when she sees Victoria on the District 8 floor of the Tower; Victoria is unallowed to acknowledge her niece but Madalynn finds this to be both a blessing and a curse. When she sees Victoria she knows all is well, but it is mental and emotional torture for her to be so close to her family and unable to reach out to them.

Madalynn doesn't have much to contribute when it comes to her abilities. She cleans, cooks, and serves as an Avox. Silence and obedience are all she knows and does. When she was younger she was good at making things with her hands and was very artistic, but has not created a piece of art since she was twelve and the Capitol broke her.

If she ever had to fight, she would be found to have excellent skills as her father taught her martial arts from the age of six until she was twelve and taken away. She practices them when she can, but is fairly rusty.


125.6 lbs

Honey Brown


Madalynn has long black hair that she keeps up at all times unless she is sleeping. Her ears are pointed and pierced with gauges; her eyes are almond shaped with a straight nose that is septum pierced. Her face is done in makeup traditional to Avoxes with a slight twist: her eyes are always lined in red makeup, usually done in a mask style except for the area around her eyes. That is done with grays, whites, and blacks; her lips are painted white with a single red stripe down the center.

Her skin is caramel colored and her body is naturally thin although she is well fed for an Avox. She does not open her mouth at any point in time because of her tongue being cut out; her face is oval in shape and her cheekbones are not very prominent although her facial structure is very pretty. She is slightly rebellious about her uniform as an Avox, and as well as a twist with her makeup she also changes her clothes--just enough to feel like she's resisting somehow. She wears a strapless dress that ends at mid-thigh with white leggings and red ballet flats; the look is somewhat cute.

Madalynn was born in District 8, before moving to the Capitol at a young age due to her family's wealth. She grew up as an extremely talented child; it was as if everything she touched had turned to gold. Her family expected her to grow up and be a part of the Captiol, perhaps as a model or actress, Gamemaker or even a singer. Madalynn had a lovely singing voice before she had her tongue cut out.

Her early childhood was spent in District 8; she does not remember much of it. After third grade, she went to the Capitol. She remembers being scared of some of the people, who looked like freaks and aliens until she grew accustomed to them.

She passed through elementary school quite easily; she entered middle school and was a fairly popular girl, although she often chose to spend time with her loner friend and first crush, Maynard. He was a strange boy, filled with these odd thoughts that the Capitol was evil and they were all pawns in a much bigger plot. The foreign notions caused Madalynn to reevaluate her views on the Capitol, but she was not smart about the way she did things like Maynard. Instead, she spoke openly; she was not taught to be afraid, nor to watch her own mouth.

Eventually she was reported to the Capitol's higher-ups. Observation on her commenced quite quickly then; Maynard taught her to be careful with what she said or they would take her "away". When Madalynn asked what "away" meant, Maynard refused to answer. All he said was that it was really bad and that no one would see her again, and she wouldn't see no one else either.

After two months of this observation, the Capitol official deemed her 'harmless' and she was finally allowed to walk around without someone constantly tailing her. Maynard was still cautious, but one day, the two devised a plan to stop the Capitol.

Keep in mind that Madalynn was twelve, and Maynard a few weeks from thirteen. They didn't realize, couldn't have known, what the result of this would be:

Madalynn would grow up and be Head-Gamemaker. The two didn't worry about the specifics of this; they just wanted her to be trusted by the President. Then, for one of the Games, Madalynn would let all of the tributes escape, and they would lead a revolt on the Capitol. And then everyone would finally be free forever. Maynard, on the other hand, would get all of their close friends to join them and they would train every single day to fight the Capitol until Madalynn could set the plan fully into motion.

One day, Maynard disappeared. He didn't show up at school. His parents didn't know where he went. He didn't leave a note. There wasn't a single trace of where he went at all whatsoever--not that anyone from the Capitol bothered to look anyways. Madalynn knew that the Capitol took Maynard "away"; she still didn't know what "away" meant, but she was afraid now.

She kept the plan into motion though. Slowly but surely, she began talking to some close friends, the way Maynard had talked to her. She cried sometimes; a girl's first crush is nothing to joke about. But she generally went from believing that the Capitol was just okay to being the devil incarnate.

At the Reaping that year, she saw Maynard's face in the Reaping Day video about the Dark Days and Mockingjay Rebellion. It showed for just a split second; only she would've recognized it so instantaneously. Most of the people there weren't even watching the video at that point; they were either talking to friends, adjusting their wigs, reapplying makeup or examining their nails. But Madalynn knew.

Madalynn forgot all about being scared. Her eyes filled with angry, hot tears and took only a moment to think. The Reaping was always filmed live, to capture the pure essence of the tributes' reactions. No one would know why she would do what she was planning on doing, but they would see it. They would see the Capitol taken by surprise, unsuspecting, guard down; they would see that even the Capitol could be fought, if only for a moment.

She marched straight up to the stage in the City Circle and punched the Capitol Escort straight in the face. The Escort flew backwards, her nose broken, wig askew, out cold; she then stomped over to the podium and threw the 90th 'Games Reaping bowls into the crowd. The male's was dodged and smashed into a million pieces, hitting some with the shrapnel of the flying glass. The one thrown at the females, however, hit two of the girls in the heads, where the bowl shattered over them. They lay in bloodied heaps on a bed of glass.

Madalynn did not regret this. As the Peacekeepers dragged her off the stage, she didn't resist them. She didn't cry, or scream, or even smile. She simply watched, until one of the Peacekeepers hit her in the head and knocked her out.

She woke in a chrome room that was dimly lit, connected to tubes and surrounded by glass. Her arms and legs and head were all strapped down to the metal table. She blinked a few times, as her vision was blurry.

A man was suddenly standing over her, with a large knife in his hand. He seemed to contemplate on what he wanted to do--sometimes, people weren't always made into Avoxes. Sometimes they had their ears cut off, or their noses. Eventually, though, he forced her mouth open and despite her best efforts she couldn't fight him off. The metal clamp pinched her tongue tightly and she watched as he leaned forward, the blade disappearing from site as it got closer to her mouth.... (not going to describe this, as it is disturbing).

She awoke in the white room. That's what she called it; the white room. It had been two weeks since her 'procedure'. The white room greeted her with its blinding white lights--everything was white. Not cream; not ivory. White. She probably shouldn't have attempted to punch her new owner out, but the woman was insufferable and twelve year old Madalynn hated everything. This was her fourth visit to the white room. That was not good.

Eventually, the man who had cut her tongue out came. He told her that she was now assigned to the District 8 floor of the Tribute Tower. She would serve them during their time there; when the Games were not in session, she would serve in the prisons of the Capitol. If she was sent to the white room again, she would be killed. Sometimes she wonders if that wouldn't be so bad.

She envied the prisoners she had to serve ten months out of the year--at least they still had their tongues. They didn't have to lay there and feel a blade biting into their mouths, almost choking on the rush of blood, drowning in their own tears from the pain. Plus, the prisoners would get out one day. One day they could see their families. Of course, none of them had killed anyone, but she still felt cheated.

The Capitol had provoked her. She was okay with Maynard's disappearance--at least a little bit. But showing his battered, bloodied face on a giant screen in front of the whole of Panem, where not a single person would care but her...well, what else would a girl do?

She still has nightmares about her 'procedure'. She still wants to see Maynard again; part of her hopes and prays that he is still alive, for her sake. Another part hopes that he isn't, for his sake. She's now slowly biding her time, waiting. One day, she'll serve some higher up of the Capitol and kill them. Yes, she'd die, but perhaps someone would see that she did it because something was wrong, not because she was insane.

Sample RP:

This is long enough with the history. Plus, I'm me. So ja.
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Madalynn Chung
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