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 Tera Banks WIP

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Tera Banks

Tera Banks

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Tera Banks WIP Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQg56BBsxGNzk5bsBMtREhbvvr9end2CoxLjUkOaYnmdxJ_wLKt

Full Name:
Tera Lee Banks





Tera is generally sweet, albeit a bit impatient. She's kind

Abilities: (40)


130, Slightly Muscular


Reddish Brown
Dyed: Fire Engine Red

Description: (60)

Tera Banks WIP 5R2Nk


Tera was born in the Capitol. She led a normal childhood and grew up to be a very beautiful woman. She got married at the age of 20 and has two children.

Yes. The history is short. Deal with it. /inspirationdead

Sample RP:
"Clara, put that down!" Tera commanded as Luke cried over the toy she had just snatched. Bouncing her son on her hip, she took the toy from Clara gently and smoothed her hair back. "You're supposed to share, remember?"

Clara pouted and sat in the corner with her arms and legs crossed, looking like she'd just been robbed of everything that mattered in the world. Luke calmed immediately after seeing that his sister did not have the toy any longer and squirmed out of his mother's grasp to go get it. Before he could, Tera picked it up easily and set it on the top shelf of his closet.

Instantly, the tears came back. "M-m-melsuraf!!!" Luke blubbered, pointing at the toy, his face puckered and pinched up like he was trying not to cry. Just then Tera's husband, Johnny, walked through the door wearing a large smile and scooped Luke up.

"Now, what's all this about?" He said with a smile to Tera. She put her hands on her hips and gave him a flat stare before taking the toy down from the closet shelf, although it took her a minute because of her height. "They both want it." She said with a roll of her eyes, knowing exactly what would happen next.

Out of Johnny's pocket came the exact same toy only it was blue instead of green. It was a plastic remake of the broken dagger the Victor for the 93rd Games had used to win. Clara immediately stood up, any remnant of grumpy tears gone; Johnny set Luke down next to his sister.

Johnny took both of the toys and held them up for Luke and Clara to see. "Now, if you guys pick up the toys in here, you can have these to play with. But if not, Mommy and I will keep them." He said as Tera rolled her eyes yet again as an Avox entered the room with a tray of snacks for the little ones.

They immediately ran at the snacks, munching on the crackers quickly before turning right back around and cleaning. Tera watched with amusement as Clara helped Luke pick up some of the heavier things, like the automaton horse Luke loved to ride. With much struggling and pushing and shoving, it was back in its usual place; the room was now clean.

The children were rewarded and began fighting each other with the toys immediately. Tera smiled as Johnny gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked "So, what's for dinner?"
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Tera Banks WIP
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