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 District Capitol Reaping [Open, obviously]

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District Capitol Reaping [Open, obviously] Empty
PostSubject: District Capitol Reaping [Open, obviously]   District Capitol Reaping [Open, obviously] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 10:54 am

Joseph Whitley cleared his throat into the microphone, adjusting his wig and his gloves. He was wearing a bright green suit with cyan shoes, makeup, and gloves, while his wig was a tower of the two colors. "Happy Hunger Games!" he said in his loud booming voice, directing the attention of the next possible tributes to himself.

The children--or rather, the people from ages 12 until 19, all stood in neat lines, with a large velvet rope keeping the boys and girls seperated with a walkway between the two. Each looked at Joseph Whitley, some with confidence, others with fear, and some with absolute and complete boredom. But Mr. Whitley had their attention, and that was all he needed.

"And may the ever in your favor." he continued, placing emphasis on the sentence with his thick Capitol accent. With a flourish of a cyan glove, he looked towards the boys. "Shall we call out the men first, this time around?" he said; Joseph Whitley never chose the girls first. Maybe it was because his own daughter, now fourteen, stood in the crowd and he could never bear to see her be chosen.

He pulled out a little piece of paper from within the massive glass bowl, and twirled it in his cyan hands. He then opened it, stepped closer to the microphone, and called, "HOOVER MICHAELSON."

The boy stepped forward, moving towards the aisle in between the seperated genders. As he reached the stage, he shook in his shoes; he'd barely started training weeks ago, as his family had only just moved to the Capitol. "Any volunteers?" Mr. Whitley asked before moving towards the girl's bowl.

"Me. I volunteer." another deep voice said from the crowd, and the Peacekeepers led him towards the stage as Hoover looked on with even more fear. "Your name?" Joseph demanded, once again speaking into the microphone. The volunteer leaned closer to it, then said, "AJ Michaelson."

Joseph did a little jig of glee; "Let's give a round of applause! I have no doubt these two are brothers!" he said happily as Hoover was lead away in tears. AJ stood proud and tall, staring the cameras down.

"And now....for the ladies." Joseph said, plucking a slip all too quickly and opening it with fumbling fingers. "Melanie Adams." he said, almost in relief. The girl stepped forward; Joseph asked for volunteers, but none stepped forward.
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District Capitol Reaping [Open, obviously]
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