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 District 1 Reaping [Open]

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District 1 Reaping [Open] Empty
PostSubject: District 1 Reaping [Open]   District 1 Reaping [Open] Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2012 11:05 am

Tourmaline Jones stepped forward in her too-high heels, looking like a giant tourmaline in and of itself. She was, of course, named after the "all too fabu!" gem. She didn't bother wasting any time. "Happy Hunger Games!" she trilled, and although it had been silent before, it was even more so now. Back in the older Reapings, before they'd begun anew, children were afraid. Now they all looked bored and unsatisfied.

The children--or rather, the people from ages 12 until 19, all stood in neat lines, with a large velvet rope keeping the boys and girls seperated with a walkway between the two. Each looked at Tourmaline Jones, some with confidence, others with fear, and most with absolute and complete boredom.

"And may the ever in your favor." she cooed with a smile, flashing bright pink teeth at the crowd. "Ladies first!" she then declared, reaching the bowl and yanking out a name that stuck out in the center. She went back to the microphone then, opened the slip, and crowed, "Miss Rachel Noor!"

The girl stepped forward, moving towards the aisle in between the separated genders. As she reached the stage, she gave everyone a winning smile and tossed back her hair confidently. "Any volunteers?" Tourmaline cooed, but was met with silence. She shrugged her puffy shoulders, bright tourmaline in color, and moved to the boys' bowl.

"Gentlemen!" she said as she returned to the microphone with the slip in her claw-like hands. "Mr. Afield Winchester!" she said. Afield was also overly-confident, as one could tell by the way he walked to the stage. Rachel and Afield shook hands, each trying to crush the other's hand before Tourmaline patted their shoulders with a wide smile, her hot pink teeth hard to look away from.

"Let's give a round of applause for the District 1 tributes of the 94TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!" she crowed.
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District 1 Reaping [Open]
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