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PostSubject: Our Storyline   Our Storyline Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2012 10:34 am

The Nation of Panem has always been a glorious one, through the Dark Days and the Mockingjay Rebellion (also known as the Second Rebellion). The first rebellion happened when the districts of Panem rose up against Capitol rule. The leader of the Mockingjay Rebellion was President Alma Coin, but the rebellion itself began to gain momentum during the 74th Hunger Games when District 12 tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark threatened to commit suicide. This caused the Gamemaker Seneca Crane to let them both win, and which showed that the citizens could overcome the power of the Capitol. The common symbol of defiance in the new group of rebels is Katniss's mockingjay symbol, a bird that the Capitol never intended to create. This is the second rebellion in Panem's history, the first being about 75 years previous, before the Hunger Games began. This time period was known as "The Dark Days".

The Hunger Games were created for, yes, reminding the citizens of the 12 Districts that the Capitol's power was absolute. For seventy five years, the Hunger Games went on and disgruntled citizens wanted a way to fight back. Something to 'spark' their hope. The spark was Katniss Everdeen, of District 12, participant in the 74th and 3rd Quarter Quell Games. With her as their Mockingjay, the Mockingjay Rebellion began and the Districts won the fight with the Capitol. The Peace Time began, and all through Katniss' life and her children's, all seemed to be perfect.

Welcome to 120 years later! Home of skateboard-like hovercraft, automated everything, and heightened fashion, keeper of the most Utopian society you could ever dream of! Yes, after Katniss' death, and her children's, things began to fall into disarray. The Capitol, with such power, began feeling corrupt and no one could stop them. Not when the Nuclear Weaponry of District 13 had been abolished and stored in the Capitol, not when weapons were no longer used to keep citizens in line. No, another rebellion would not happen.

Eventually, a group of the descendants of our famed heroes, Katniss' among them, rose against this new corrupt leader of Panem, President Reyes. They defeated the President, who had only a group of fifteen supporters to back him in fighting. The people of Panem, including those of the Capitol, would not go back to the time of anarchy and chaos.

That is, until the descendant of Gale Hawthorne thought that the Hunger Games should be reinstated. Populations had gone way up, and while food was distributed evenly through the Districts, many were hungry. Coming up with reason after reason of their benefit, the 12 districts, including the Capitol, voted on reinstating the Games. The vote was unanimous in the Capitol, with the citizens hungry for a new form of entertainment; the Districts were split evenly, 6 for it (wanting glory, money, and fame) and 6 against (hating the barbaric necessary of this). With the Capitol's vote, the Games are now a part of everyday life.

But unlike before, the Districts seem to rather enjoy the Games, just as the citizens of the Capitol. In fact, other than the tributes and their families, no one seems to even care that their best friend could be picked, or that they could be next. It's all jolly good fun in this world of haze, where even your thoughts can be monitored. Yes, this Utopian society has fed the hungry, clothed the naked, healed the sick, and restored an aura of balance with the active 12 one would suggest that this was total and complete tyranny.

A game of the Capitol's own, toying with the people to see just what might happen....and putting an end to the spark that would incite chaos before it can even begin.
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Our Storyline
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