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PostSubject: Nadine Jade   Nadine Jade Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2012 1:36 pm

Full Name: Nadine Jade
Gender: Female
Age: 32
District: Capitol
Position: President

Personality: Nadine is almost tooth-achingly sweet when you first meet her. She tries to keep everything about her simple, and not well known. She strives to be honest, although in politics, that isn't always a choice. If you make an enemy of her, she will stop at nothing to crush you--which isn't all that hard to do, considering that she leads the most powerful country the world has ever seen.

She was in the 76th Hunger Games when they were first reinstated, and came out a victor; this has hardened her a bit towards the event, which she refuses to watch. She has a slight control issue. Other than this, she has a soft spot for kids. During interviews and victor's ceremonies, she is sure to be sincere in her hopes that they can forget what happened.

Abilities: Nadine is extremely talented. Besides her high intelligence, she has many survival skills that she learned during her time in the Games. She's a smooth talker; when someone meets her, they can wind up doing something they normally wouldn't do under regular circumstances because of her specific set of skills.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 pounds
Eyes: Hazel-ish
Hair: Long, black

Nadine is very pretty, with long black hair, caramel skin, and eyes that are a mixture of color. Her face is oval shaped, and her mouth is full. Her complexion is very pretty, with lightly rosy cheeks and not a pimple in sight. Such can be expected of a woman of such high power. Unlike most citizens in the Capitol, Nadine prides herself on her simple, down to earth look. She walks with a small limp, as her right foot was crushed in her Games.


Nadine was born in District 12, the offspring of two doctors who were, in every aspect, geniuses. Hoping that their daughter would follow in their shoes, they taught her in the ways of the medical field, and she often volunteered at hospitals and the pharmaceutical factories for such reasons. When she was thirteen, the Games were reinstated. At this time, she and her family had moved to the Capitol, as many in the districts were becoming restless and violent after the defeat of President Reyes.

She was the first female Capitol tribute. Such was a 'high honor' and many cheered for her as it became apparent that she was the most skilled of all the tributes. She followed the 'hunt or be hunted' motto, to keep herself from going insane. Eventually, she was the last one standing, and emerged victorious. Since then, she made it a goal to become President of the Capitol; she wanted a sense of control over her life, and eventually, over everyone too.

Sample RP:

"It's okay, Nadine. We're almost there." The girl's voice said, taking Nadine's hand in the dark tunnel. They could hear the other tributes coming, hunting for them. The Careers enjoyed themselves in this way; she was thirteen years old, and although she was from the Capitol, was far too small and unacknowledged to belong to the Careers. "Sara, I'm scared." Nadine whimpered back as one of the Career boys let out a whoop when finding their tunnel entrance.

"Shh, shh. Come on." Sara answered, leading the way deeper into the tunnel. Part of it had collapsed that morning, crushing Sara's brother, Ethan, as he slept. They were District 3's. "I THINK SOMEONE'S DOWN HERE!" shouted a girl. The other District 1 Career, probably. "Sara..." Nadine said quietly as everything went silent in the tunnel. Sara looked at Nadine before pulling a small dagger out of her pocket and pushing Nadine against the wall. She looked around the corner, and gasped, before charging ahead. The sound of a net going over Sara's head made her cry out, before the gruesome call of a trident going through flesh resounded in the tunnel, and Nadine knew that the District 4 boy had just finished off her friend.

With that, she came out of the shadows, ready to face the four Careers. "Come on, you big brutes! Catch me if you can!!" She yelled, before turning tail and running towards the collapsed cave area, back to Ethan. She could hear the Careers behind her, her heart pounding in her ears. Eventually, she found the spot where Ethan had been; he'd been picked up a while ago, and there was a hole at the top of the cave. Very dangerous in the high grasses up above; falling would break at least one of your legs and you'd die of exposure down there. She climbed the mountain of rubble, at the last second kicking a rock out from under a boulder. The boulder went over her foot, crushing it completely, but then went down and effectively ended the four Careers.

She had won the Games.

Nadine woke up screaming, covered in sweat and drowning in sheets. A maid automatically came in to sooth her, and she attempted to stop her heart from pounding so that she might go back to sleep. To no avail, though. It was two in the morning; perhaps she could finish her work by mid-afternoon and enjoy a relaxing evening.

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Nadine Jade
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