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 Prezzy's Tributes

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PostSubject: Prezzy's Tributes   Prezzy's Tributes Icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 8:38 am

Prezzy's Tributes River%2BTam

Full Name: Amareese "Reese" Lerc
Gender: Female
Age: Twelve
District: Twelve
Position: Asylum Patient

Personality: Reese is not friendly. She doesn't smile, she doesn't laugh, and she doesn't make eye contact. She is very anti-social. She is psychopathic; she is kept locked in a room at all times other than the Reaping. She is often sedated; when awake, she is polite although mentally she is thinking of ways to kill you. She is kept sedated because of her strange experiments--she would leave sugar on the windowsill to attract flies, and keep them trapped in a jar. She would then feed the flies to spiders. And spiders to birds. She once asked for a kitten--the asylum director assumed she wanted the cat to eat the birds. When denied, she ate the birds herself. She is obsessed with this 'consuming life' cycle; she believes that by having these creatures consume each other and in turn she consuming them, she shall live longer. Each fly: two weeks, each spider: one year, etc.

Abilities: Reese is extremely smart. She knows what to say and when, and usually how to get her way. Upon first meeting her, you wouldn't believe that she is kept locked in an asylum 24/7. She has a slight problem with taking the metal spoons from her dinner and attempting to sharpen them against the stone floor of her room; the next person who enters usually has to fight her off to avoid being stabbed in the jugular by the sharp object (hence the sedation).

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100 pounds
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long, unruly, black

Reese often has small cuts and scratches on her face and body. These wounds are usually self-inflicted. Her eyes are dead; they often express no emotion. Her hair is hardly ever brushed, and she is in desperate need of a change of clothes.

Prezzy's Tributes River%2BTam

Reese had been born into a wealthy family, or so she was told. She'd been born in District 2, but when she was three years old, the family found her sitting with a knife in the living room, covered in blood. The family cat's sliced up carcass was found under the couch, while she played with the knife, humming to herself. Most of what was left of the cat was bone and fur, with little bits of flesh here and there--she'd eaten it.

Her parents had sent for medications and drugs from District 12, hoping to prevent their daughter from doing such things again. After two months of this, they bought another cat for her brother's birthday. The cat survived for two years; when she was five, she was found in almost the same situation, only the cat had had it's neck broken and she hadn't used a knife to tear into it, just her teeth.

By this point, her family was terrified of the little monster. She laughed and played and went to school like all the other children, seemingly normal at all hours of the day. Her family, desperate to keep her, continued to say that it was just a one time thing, she just didn't like cats. They kept animals out of the house, and her older brother was usually charged with watching her. When he was found drowned, Reese enjoying the un-cooked flesh on his bones, her family shipped her to District 12.

She'd been almost six when she was admitted into the asylum there, and was determined rather quickly to be completely insane--a homicidal maniac, really. She harbors anger at her family for sending her away, and is constantly looking for ways to make them PAY.

Volunteering for the Games was the greatest idea of her young life; she's decided to win, and her first victims are going to be those of District 2. She can't wait for her family to see her sweet little face rip into the teens of her native home.

Sample RP:

Reese sat calmly against the wall as her food was slipped in through the panel at the bottom of the door. Three knocks, and she was able to collect it. She began eating, before noticing that something was wrong. Her spoon. It was wooden, not metal. She flung the spoon across the room and began pounding on the door, screaming for a proper spoon. The metal spiral at the top of the room began shaking, and she calmed at once, to no avail. The metal spiral flung out and encased the room solidly, before gas was released into the room, knocking her out.

When she awoke, it was to find a cup of tea where her soup had been, and she drank it. There was no food. The wooden spoon was gone. She smiled to herself and sprinkled a bit of sugar on the windowsill and sat on a stool, waiting for the flies that would come...

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PostSubject: ANNIE TESLOCK   Prezzy's Tributes Icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 2:42 pm

Prezzy's Tributes Tumblr_lwaap8whDs1qzjix8

Full Name:
Annie Teslock





Annie is extremely quiet and thoughtful, although her singing is amazing. You'll only catch her singing at three points during the year: After the Reaping has past and her family is still safe; at her best friend Abay's house on his birthday; and on January first, a day marking that she and her family and friends have survived another year. She doesn't sing at any other time because she doesn't see any point in expressing happiness during times that are unhappy.

Annie is often lost in thought, thinking up complicated contraptions. She is usually seen digging in random places, large gaping holes that she spends the entire day working on and then three hours in the evening filling. During school, you can find her tapping her foot impatiently; if she has an idea, she finds the sudden urge to start digging.

Annie is insanely quick when it comes to digging. She has also tried fighting a tree before with her shovel and found that she's quite good at it; she only has one shovel.

Annie has the most fluid, silkiest, sweetest voice you could possibly imagine.

Very good at making complicated contraptions and traps.


112.46 pounds


Light brown

Annie is extremely beautiful with large round eyes and a sweet innocent smile. Her hair is curly, perfect ringlets really, and although she brushes it, her hair always stays sticking up around her head. Her chin is very pointed and her cheekbones are high and beautiful. Her forehead is the perfect proportion to her body and she's pretty thin.


Father: Jackson Teslock; A younger man than you'd expect, Annie's father is always wearing a smile, even when there's really nothing to be smiling about.

Mother: Iliana Teslock; A gorgeous example of beauty and grace, Annie is often inspired by her mother's ability to make everything look effortless.

Sister: Rashelle "Rainie" Teslock; A seven year old little thing who Annie will often share with.

Brother: James "Jimmy" Teslock; A four year old who enjoys arguing with his sister.

Will complete history later.
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Prezzy's Tributes
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